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Hersheypark Volunteer Fundraising Opportunity

Hello Band, Orchestra and Chorus Families, There will be several fundraising opportunities for you to help raise money for your student(s) and the E-town Music Club throughout the year. One of those is to volunteer at Hershey Park.

We are partnered with the Hershey Park Entertainment Volunteer Program, which will donate $8.00/hr. for every shift you volunteer to work. $7.00 of every $8.00 donated will go directly into your student's account. Which means with each shift you work your student will have $28.00/35.00 deposited into their account AND, in addition, Hershey will give YOU free Hershey Park tickets for every shift you work!!! There are attractions, food, clean up and other shifts.

 PLEASE NOTE: They do want you to complete a 2-hour training course for attractions and there is an online training for food.

**If you are interested in this opportunity (even if you have signed up in the past), Please email me at  

I will need:

  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Name of the student(s) you want your hours/$ to count towards.

**If you have adult friends or family who would be interested in this, they can also volunteer! They help raise money for your student(s), earn funds for the music club and earn some free tickets for themselves at the same time.  

Volunteers are required to take the Attractions Safety Certification Class to volunteer for any Attractions shift.  Yes, if your volunteers took the class last year, they must take the training this year, it is an annual training.

Thank You,

Tina Georges

Hershey Park Volunteer Coordinator