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Cooperative Work Experiences

Elizabethtown Area High School offers abundant opportunities for students to build their skillset through hands-on training programs. In doing so, students can explore careers, become more marketable, and be better equipped with the practical knowledge needed in a particular industry. The District's Career Internship, Cooperative Work Experience, Pre-Apprenticeship, Agriculture, and Early Enrollment programs, as well as our partnership with the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center, afford students a chance to pursue valuable on-the-job experience and certification in their career field of interest.  

Career Internships

This course provides students with the opportunity to work with local community service and business organizations as an unpaid intern to gain valuable on-the-job experience by interacting, observing, and assisting a mentor in the student’s career field of interest.

Cooperative Work Experiences

This course offers students the opportunity to earn credit by securing paid employment that directly relates to his/her career objective through a cooperative arrangement between the school, student, parent/guardian, and employer.

In-house Welding Program

Students are offered welding instruction with the opportunity to master the technical knowledge and skills required by the materials fabrication profession. The instruction aligns with the American Welding Society SENSE Program, a comprehensive set of minimum standards and guidelines for welding education programs.

Pre-Apprenticeship Programs

The Elizabethtown Area School District designed its pre-apprenticeship initiative to be an introductory, experiential learning program that helps students determine if pursuing an apprenticeship or high-quality employment opportunity upon graduation in the chosen field is a fit. A pre-apprenticeship allows students to explore a career before entering the workforce after graduation, all while developing other transferable skills, should they decide that pursuing a registered apprenticeship or career opportunity is not in their post-graduation career plan.

Emergency Medical Technician

In partnership with Northwest Emergency Medical Services, students will complete a pre-apprenticeship program as an Emergency Medical Technician. Participating students also are prepared to take the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician examination and the Pennsylvania Department of Health Bureau of EMS examination in order to become certified as Emergency Medical Technicians.

Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program

In partnership with Masonic Village, students will complete a pre-apprenticeship program in the Certified Nursing Assistant department at the Masonic Village. Participating students receive work-based learning credits.

Independent Electrical Contractors

In partnership with the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of the Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC), students will complete an electrical pre-apprenticeship course. Participating learners will complete the theory portion of the first-year apprenticeship during their senior year of high school. Additionally, IEC and its member companies will offer hands-on labs as well as field experiences and mentoring to learners throughout the year.

Keystone Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors

In partnership with the Keystone Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc (ABC), students will complete a pre-apprenticeship program at ABC Keystone Chapter in Manheim. Registered apprenticeships are available in the following trades: Carpentry, Construction Craft Laborer, Electrical, HVAC, Sheet Metal, Plumbing, and Heavy Equipment Operator. Students can also earn National Center for Construction Education and Research industry recognized credentials and earn credits toward entry into a registered apprenticeship if desired.

Manufacturing Technician

In partnership with the Manufacturers’ Association, this pre-Apprenticeship program is designed for students who are considering pursuit of an Apprenticeship in a chosen trade after graduation. A pre-apprenticeship gives students the ability to explore a career before entering the workforce after graduation. The program consists of hands-on sessions and an optional online credential program. Participants of the program will receive state certified pre-apprentice papers and Federal OSHA 10 certification